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Teenage Wochen

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Product no.: BINE VYR10


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Teenage Wochen

Vital Weekly (NL)
Throughout the many years that now span Scanner's career I have been following him off and on, without keeping exact track of all of his many releases. But ones that were captured by these set of ears where quite good. Scanner moves in all sorts of directions, within the dance music area, but always with a keen ear for new directions, reworking them for his end. Two tracks on this 12". The title piece piece on side one starts with a guitar but quickly moves into the area of electro music with a jumpy rhythm and a very joyous melody line. A great up-tempo tune that has the word 'summer' stamped all over. On the flip there is 'Autumn Nights', about twice as long, with a bumpy rhythm and Germanic cosmic synth lines with noises (people speaking, rattle snakes) swirling in and out of the mix. More dramatic in approach, this is indeed rather autumn music than full on sunshine mid-summer. I have no idea wether this is part of a forthcoming album, but if so: where can I sign up to ge t one?


Boomkat (UK)
I could have sworn this was the wrong music pressed on this piece - a rare outing on vinyl for two exclusive new scanner tracks. Teenage wochen somehow connects folk-rock with an electro beat, sampling voices, acoustic guitar and harmonies to present a spidery, crackling foot tapper, and a melody to take to sleep with you. Autumn nights dissolves a similar mix of sounds into a casserole of bubbling synths and echoing voices and noises, suggesting Throbbing Gristle dining with Klaus Schutze, ten minutes of deviant bassy open ambient, if there is such a thing. Surprisingly great record.


Smallfish (UK)
Nice to see Scanner back on the block, this time with Raster Noton offshoot Bine. The sounds on offer are delicious and manage to meld together Techno, Electronica and a strangely mid '90's kind of sound that harks back to acts like Orbital or some of the old Rising High gear. The flip comes on in a similar vein with edited guitar samples, a hypntoci rhythmic section and a lovely ambience. Great quality music from a wondeful and, in my opinion, slightly underrated label. Definitely a goodie.


Kompakt (DE)
The electronic, sound exploring legend, minimalistic yet of impressive size. Music, paralleling a piece of art. Two new and exclusive tracks. Listening advised!


I guess nobody would have expected such an uplifting track with all kinds of guitars and beats from Scanner - just like another summer of love had broken out in England. But that's just how it sounds. Unfortuntaley is also a little shallow, and with some less breaks it could also go as intermission for your local tv station. "autumn nights", however, is much more consequent, even though things get a bit bloomy every now and then.


Westzeit (DE)
I wouldn't outrule the possibiliy that this 15-minute vinyl maxi could even top "sound for spaces" in my personal Scanner charts, which has been my favourite from Robin Rimbaud, but seeing how elegant Scanner mixes his beat programming with almost "folk" guitars, adding sampled baby babbling and creating an absolutely relaxed yet toe-tapping groove monster - whew! On the b-side, throbbing gristle meet Klaus Schulze just like the info perfectly suggests.


Phonica Records (UK)
Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner returns with his delicate marriage of electronica and live instrumentation (mainly guitar in this case) for a great two tracker that is mellow and relaxing. Equally perfect for those warm summery afternoons but also the cold miserable winter days... Quite a difficult thing to achieve!