Reason By Heard, Sleep By Twillight

Reason By Heard, Sleep By Twillight

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Product no.: BINE CD07


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Reason By Heard, Sleep By Twillight

Boomkat (UK)
“Scanner's music is both tiny and grand. it is like the delicate movement of a watch spinning through space. microscopic clicks, wood blocks and everyday sounds are painted over rumbling, dark canvases.” the guardian newspaper, london. Scanner is recognised for his sensitivity to sound and space. Through a myriad recorded works, performances and installations he continues to explore a world that shifts between digital pop culture and visual arts. For “reason by heart, sleep by twilight” he has created a lucid-dreaming, insular world. Recorded exclusively for Bine music, this work is a tangled web of disturbed vocals, obtained who knows how, scrawling, spidery sounds wrap themselves sinuously around a central, muted rhythmic motif, that slowly draws you into a sleazed vision, reeking of Scanner’s usual obsessions. Maybe some of you might share them.


Vital Weekly (NL)
Although I wouldn't call myself the greatest Scanner alive, I can safely say that in the last ten to fourteen years I have been off and on following his work, not everything but whenever I came across it. It's hard for me to paint a complete picture of his evolution, but somehow 'ambient' music has been a main ongoing thing, despite whatever rhythmic hype of the day (techno, drum & bass and microglitches were all present in some way on his CDs), Scanner's music has always been spacious, warm and ambient. This new CD is perhaps not different than before. After a short opening piece, there are two epic long pieces (thirty-two and fourteen minutes) of computerized ambient music, a microsounding click and field recordings of street sounds, a cellphone seeking network or any some such. It's hard to tell wether this work is part of any sound installation or dance or whatever, and that's a pity. It stretches out over lenghty moody sequences in which not much happens, especially in 'Drifted... Drifted', which sounds perhaps a little too simple. But at the same time, reading a book, sipping coffee, this is nice late sunday morning wake up music anyway. Not his best work, but nevertheless quite nice indeed.


Westzeit (DE)
Mr. Rimbaud has quite a huge discography under his belt now, yet he manages to keep his high standards - which is very high indeed. For BineMusic, he constructed three tracks (between 3:36 and 32:34 minutes) which come familiarly strange-ambient. Samples are softly layered on top of each other, while everything circles around mantra-esque vocal formulas which also provide the rhythms - is it dub? Or another kind of trance? Stereo effects that would seem silly in another place gain a new, psychedelic meaning, just before they disappear a moment later. Field recordings grind in, short clicks trigger tornadoes... Ears open!


Spex (DE)
That's what Robin Rimbaud a.k.a. Scanner is a specialist for since he's fishing for them since the late '90s. On "Reason by heart, sleep by twilight" (BineMusic/Kompakt/A-Musik) he creates a proliferating, symphonic opus magnum of 30 minute tracks from voice slices and field recordings. But now that's not really something for spring ...


Kompakt (DE)
... sleep by twilight. Strays nd confusion, spread over three tracks and 40 minutes. Outstanding among nu-ambient sounds. Special tip!


Lecker Elektro (DE)
Concept, art, music - that's the triangle Scanner moves in with his dark sound and vocal escapades. Here he puts three tracks between 3:36 and 32:34 on the silver disc which works well, but only in selected moments - definitely not during rendezvous, red-letter days and the visit of your mother-in-law.