Moskau Disko

Moskau Disko

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Product no.: BINE VYR12


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Moskau Disko

Vital Weekly (UK)
'Where can I sign up to get one?' was the final statement from this reviewer when listening to 'Teenage Wochen' by Scanner (see Vital Weekly 528), but the follow up to that 12" is not the full length album, but another 12". Which is fine, I can wait and please myself with another 12". 'Moskau Disko' is another uptempo electro/acid song with a great groove and vocals. The keyboards sound very 80s (or even 70s like if you take Kraftwerk in account), adding a nice retro touch to this record. And just like 'Teenage Wochen' the b-side is more atmospheric with some highly motorik arpeggio's and some great sounds popping like balloons. A colder side than the flip, but both sides are great. The full length has now four great tracks. And counting. (FdW)


Decks Records (DE)
The British sound artist >Scanner< comes with an electro old school flavoured and trance synth infected >Moskau Disco< track on the a-side and a ambient masterpiece on the flip.


Boomkat (UK)
Hard to believe Bine can jump seamlessly from Benjamin Brunn to this release. I had to doublecheck it was even the right record, as Scanner confounds expectations with a straight trancer, which hurriedly shoves shoulder pads and a dispassionate vocal under its sleeves for the all round eighties package. Mesmerising and bizarre, intentional or not - we're convinced the Nathan Barley a capaella of this will be M-A-S-S-I-V-E.


Kompakt (DE)
What begins with knight rider and electro later evolves into a pure and tasteful neo-trance number.