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Product no.: BINE VYR25


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De:Bug (DE)
A perfect 12" for the night. Not just for any night, but that one special, larger than life night which you are going to remember far better with tracks like these new mixes of "Glassworks" than with lapidary bass drum euphoria. "13", the album by Marconi Union from Manchester, isn't the only thing these reworkings bring back to mind. With the perfect point of view for scale and the more and more rare using of controlled opulent sounds all three mixes tell the perfect versions of a story that happens to us all the time and still leaves us speechless most times.


Coolibri (DE)
And another release from the house of BineMusic. Manchester based Marconi Union release a rework of a track from their album "13" on a small Essen label. The 12" GLASSWORKS includes four new versions and comes in a gorgeous design package as usual. A record that is recommended for the friends of warm, urban and non-hectic sounds. Between warm basses, dripping beats and a silky-smooth piano, "Glassworks Red" in particular develops a groove that is modest yet catchy. Nice!


Boomkat (UK)
A welcome return to the Bine label from the dependably good Marconi Union, the Glassworks EP features four variations on the superb downtempo 4/4 title track. Blurring the lines between deep, Monolake-style techno and more home-listening oriented sounds, 'Glassworks Red' is incredibly immersive, taking on a panoramic scope that can't help but suck you in. A more economical take on the track arrives in the form of a 'Video Edit', placing emphasis on the kick and the more spacious elements of the mix, while 'Glassworks Blue' revels in the reverb-soaked, beatless details of the original. As a digital bonus, 'Gasworks Black' delivers the same sort of ambient and melodic sounds but with a more classic, staunchly rigid technoid drum pattern attached.


Vital Weekly (NL)
Back in Vital Weekly 682 I reviewed the album of Marconi Union, which was about an imaginary view of the city of Tokyo. Now there is the 12" 'Glassworks', which sees them exploring further the notion techno meeting ambient music. Mind you, I think that we will see a return of ambient house somewhere soon - all the signs are right (unless I am horribly wrong and shortsighted). Three versions of this track, of which two have a nice laidback beat, maybe a bit too slow for the dance floors, but which would work well in a chill out room. The derelict mix is beat-less and wanders even further out into ambient land. Nice music, indeed. Forthcoming is a new CD from them, which I await with some anticipation. The 12" format is nice, but not really for home-listening.


Kompakt (DE)
3 reworkings from their album inviting you to (day-)dream or relaxedly bob across the dancefloor.


Klaus Fiehe - 1live (DE)
The Red-Rmx/Version radiates a wonderfully unreal, nightly atmosphere ...