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Product no.: BINE VYR19


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Vital Weekly (NL)
It seems that Bine Music only releases music by Scanner, Move D and Benjamin Brunn. I am no DJ, but I love to go to places where people dance to music. I even admit that one point I like minimal techno very much, but these days, at home, this music hardly gets a welcome applause from me. The house/techno inspired pieces on this 12" sound a bit worn out, but perhaps its me who is worn out, even when half through some strange brass band element is thrown in. Who knows. No doubt the DJ knows how to handle this, and like to play this in their environment, but for me personally, being the 'objective reviewer in armchair', it didn't do much. (FdW)


Kompakt (DE)
House to like, somewhere between ambient, jazz and club, by someone who knows his business...


Hard Wax (DE)
Atmospheric tripping & percussive cut-up tech house.