Paul and Raymond

Paul and Raymond

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Product no.: BINE VYR15


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Paul and Raymond

Vital Weekly (NL)
'This record is dedicated to Paul and Raymond whose zest for life was with me six months long. I will keep it' it says somewhat mysteriously on the press text. Benjamin Brunn is, along with Scanner and Move D, a stalwart artist of Bine Music, but reviewing this two track 12" is not an easy task. The rhythm driven music will surely work well on the dance floor, but who am I to tell? I am not a DJ, not even a regular visitor of the dance floor, let alone known for moving my feet, so what can I do with in the cosy place called home with it? I can play it, like it even, but I realize that's hard for me to say wether this is great minimal techno, or perhaps a faint copy of the real thing. The watershed between me and the world of minimal techno is simply too big. So, I didn't dance around, but sat down, thought the fat bass was great, the light, dubby keyboards were nice and I thought it was damn nice record. And oh, I thought, I should go out more and dance more. (FdW)


Boomkat (UK)
It's always a pleasure to discover there's a new Benjamin Brunn 12" in circulation, and this latest proves to be an especially magnificent piece of work. Both tracks are outstanding in production terms, with the A-side kicking off under the pretence of being just some above-average slab of glitch techno before opening up into something far more full-bodied, remaining engaging and inventive to the very last. The B-side is enormously beautiful (you know, in techno terms at least), featuring exceptional low-end definition and crystalline high frequencies thanks to a dazzling network of echo chamber synth blips. This stuff goes way beyond the call of duty. Highly recommended.


Kompakt (DE)
Both sides filled with beautiful and great sounding, moderate techno, worlds apart from paint-by-numbers productions, bine once more proves to be a pearl among a thousand grains of sand.


Westzeit (DE)
Nowadays the Chemnitz born lives in Hamburg, but moving from the introspectively saxon outskirts (wich, thanks to Raster-Noton, aren't that out after all) to the cosmopolitan city had virtually no influence on the already Brunn-typical sound. For eight minutes each, the aptly titled "Paul" and "Raymond" give off the minimal-house charm of grooves Brunn most possibly elicited from his Nord Modular system. Organic-abstract music to dance to. And there's another thing: there is an mp3 teaser for free download from for an upcoming SD card release of sonic data by Fold. Despite it's shortness, the piano crunching "Savour The Butterflies" is worth it!


Always a pleasure to hear some new tracks by Benjamin Brunn - double so if they are as funky and tight as these! "Paul" (the A side) takes a beautifully simple chord and carpenters a simpatico groove around it - a rain gutter for all the sonic trash out there, so to speak. As soon as the garbage has been taken out, the hi-hat takes the centre stage and I swear I have seen leaps of joy at this point. A dry filter bonanza par excellence. "Raymond" on the other hand is much more sound-affected and covers the dancefloor like a droplet infection of pure vitamin C, with its fine staccatos rolling off us like spring rain. We laugh and loll homewards.