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Product no.: BINE VYR08


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Music Under Pin

Vital Weekly (NL)
A good idea: present four track by the unknown Benjamin Brunn on one side and offer four remixes by some well-known chums on the other and there might be some stir. Brunn composes all his music using one Nord modular patch (a machine also frequently used by Frank Bretschneider), except 'Echlaid-backoes Of BCN', which uses solely sounds from the streets of Barcelona. In the three Nord tracks, Brunn proofs to be a good listener to the work of Bretschneider, SND and a whole bunch of other micro-beat composers. Music with a downbeat groove, dubby and overall minimalist. With the barest minimum of sound information, Brunn tries to achieve the maximum, and he succeeds quite well. Of course the material is not overtly new or innovative, but it passes the test. The short Barcelona is a different affair, and it would be good to have this longer - maybe a new direction. On the b-side a remix by Move D (well-known from his releases on Fax, Source and Warp), who doesn't add much else to the mix, save maybe for some extra synth-lines. Scanner's remix is more full of sound and presents a rather 'busy' mix. Thomas Touzimsky stays also close to the original music but seems a bit lighter in approach. Only the mix by Alexander Wendt takes the material into more ambient areas. Despite these various reservations, this turned out to be a nice record, nothing demanding on a hot day like this. (FdW)


Boomkat (UK)
Brunn's fabulous 'Konig und Drache' cd on Bine last year was a stealthy hit and much loved by all who crossed paths with it. Here he provides four glittering new tunes and enlists support from Move D, Scanner, Thomas Touzimsky, and Wendt remixing four highlights from the previous album. So that's the factual bit over with, leaving us more than enough space to tell you exactly how good this is. 'Raval Cat' travels a parallel, less alien route to Komet's minimalism - 'Dot obsession' widens the lens to almost eyeball shredding panoramas, huge majestic sweeps which adherents ot the Monolake sound will adore. 'Developers developers' skitters along with lovely mid-range swells - a motive and emotive stasis which develops in tiny increments and yet shifts you into a bass space of joy. So much to reward repeat listening here - don't miss out.


Forced Exposure (US)
"Pure and deep and similar to the Black Dog releases. It's hard to describe the mixture on this release, ranging from sharp edges and spiky needles over playing kids and cornflakes to candyfloss, stormclouds and holey skyscraper storefronts. For us, Music Under Pin is the result of euphony research within an area between white noise and pop. The raw materials were captured in Barcelona by Brunn with his Minidisc recorder only. the other three tracks were crafted in the usual manner, from a single nord modular patch; the nord modular is his only instrument. limiting his range of sounds lets Benjamin focus his attention on the smallest bits, leading to the best result: 'get the most out of it'."


Oh well, Benjamin Brunn just does too few releases. But when he does, like he did on the enchanting BineMusic label, he delivers a whole album of minimally whispered, polka-dotted tracks which brings back the world of elegant grooves and subtle effects in such a bandwidth that makes you wish old-school never happened. Perfect tracks filled with foggy light you are merged in like in a parallel dimension in which sounds are not made to rock the floor but smoothly turn your whole life into a dance of things.


Westzeit (DE)
The first Bine vinyl (in a collectible run of 500 copies) presents, on the a-side, four new tracks by Chemnitz sound wizard Brunn: the nord modular patches already known from his debut album "König und Drache" (released last year on BineMusic, too) blandish with simple beauty, and the limitation to this both abstract and concrete form of music extraction offers more possibilities than one might except, which got also noted by the prominent list of remixers (Scanner, Move D, Touzimsky and Wendt) whose interpretations slip the already known tracks into new clothes on the b-side. This, of course, sounds much better than the last sentence does.


Spex (DE)
The first BineMusic vinyl release by the fabulous Benjamin Brunn. "Music Under Pin" (Kompakt/A-Musik) comes includes four new tracks with agglomerations of pads, tops and bass fundaments, as well as four remixes by Move D, Scanner, Thomas Touzimsky and Wendt which together form a truly coherent unit.


Kompakt (DE)
Small, round and gently minimalistic album from the Bine forge to love and listen to. Includes remixes by Move D., Scanner, Th. Touzimsky and Wendt.


Smallfish (UK)
Lush, wonderful, splendidly gorgeous sounds from mr. Brunn that features four awesome new tracks (in a similar vein to the tracks on last years fantastic 'König und Drache' cd) and four absolutely sublime remixes from Move D, Scanner, Thomas Touzimsky and Wendt. The originals are brilliant examples of how to do atmospheric, minimal electronics but with acres of warmth and soul whilst the remix showcase a subtly different but equally beautiful series of interpretations of the already amazing source material. This is sublime and you'd be mad to miss out. Recommended without hesitation.


Phonica Records (UK)
A versatile long player from this excellent Chemnitz imprint and producer Benjamin Brunn; moving through minimal techno, intricate arrhythmic electronica and deep ambient textures, this album displays the quintessentially teutonic charcteristic of being utterly minimal yet funky. A compelling recording!