Hidden Ceilings

Hidden Ceilings

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Hidden Ceilings

De:Bug (DE)
De:Bug 175 review // Yet another Lego piece- pardon the pun on artist Elliot Denmark’s name, but it comes from a heart in which the ambient dub core of his debut album is already firmly embedded. Denmark doesn’t reinvent any wheels or replace any spokes, but he uses the world’s best cleaning cloth to polish his way into history, with a proven mix of the Berlin school and having a sense for pink silence. And let’s face it: far too few albums like this get released these days; albums which orchestrate a state of breathing out within the intersections of our hearts, a state which, when reached, you never want to leave. The clouds are coming.


Bleep (UK)
A album of dreamy and glacial ambience from Severence on German label Binemusic. Made up of waves of crackling static underlined by deep and cavernous dub techno pulsations, it's an album of strange, otherworld beauty and ghostly, meandering noise.


Boomkat (UK)
Eliot Denmark presents a sublime solo debut LP as Severence for Germany's BIneMusic. 'Hidden Ceilings' orbits nine tracks of Chain Reaction-style white noise convection and morphing subbass undercurrent in a deeply submerged soundsphere. From the lapping shallows of 'Portus' where melodic sun still breaks thru, he goes far under with the buffeting subbass and deftly delayed dub chords of 'Reflection' and the Vainqueur-esque 'Adrift'. The descending sensation of 'Immerse' gauges unfathomable depths with plunging subbass bubbles and super vivid spatial dynamics, and 'Modulate' steps off with abyssal dub dancefloor pressure into the vastness of 'Void', where the near-infinite delays of 'Detachment' are a logical conclusion. RIYL Pole, Basic Channel, Chain Reaction.