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Smallfish (UK)
This Raster Noton offshoot label is proving to be a bit of a goodie in my opinion. It has a slightly more accessible sound than raster but keeps the same spirit of experimentalism and minimalism. Deep, textural works with moments of piano and sub-bass aplenty. There are some challenging moments of noise and sculptural sound, but overall it's a much easier beast to get to grips with than the usual Raster material.


Westzeit (DE)
Behind this cryptic name are two men usually focussing on multimedia stuff. Andreas Golinski and Spiro Krapavelos (who also organized "Essen Elektonisch") recude their means to only the neccessary. Sound design you could call this if it wasn't for the negative connotation of this description. But the fractal sculptures of voice samples, blurred soundfiles, piano sprinkles and moments of melancholic silence - like all good releases of this genre - can be enjoyed in two ways: as subtile but nice background soundtrack, or as concentrated, detail focussed head phone pleasure.


Igloo Magazine (US)
Verletzbar is the debut for digital media artists Éonta (Andreas Golinksi, Spiro Kapravelos) and this also marks the fourth release by newly developing Raster-Noton affiliated sister label, Essen's BineMusic. Carefully constructed, this new music uses what seem to be loose storylines embellished by encoded voices, strings, clicks and otherwise blurry digitization. This pair, coming together from diverse cultures (Essen and Athens) bring an apocalyptic force to the table. The pitter-patter of clicks and sharp repetition on "Winter" bides the time wisely. "Wortlos" edits and pastes the ordinarily authoritarian lip-service of a German speaking woman into obliterated funkiness. At its core, Éonta toils with stubby percussion that is at once imprecise and fuzzy, just check out "Licht." on the other side of things the cavernous "Schatten" is given plenty of legroom to plant it's pre-fabricated talons. The track is radiantly large, and sublimely noiseless. A next-room-symphony breathes through the barricaded walls. The operatic cut-up "Neodromo" takes the roulette wheel approach to piecing together something that crosses any number of dalliances taken by Terre Thaemlitz and/or Matthew Barney. Closing with the obtuse title track, an acoustic piano balances the flickering, pixilated feedback. Along the way they point and shoot various dr. Who lasers and pull out some game boy stops. But for the most part, this elusive, pastoral piece is filtered and recycled by layers of invisible codes. Beyond classification. TJ Norris, contributing editor.


Kompakt (DE)
Music by A. Golinski and S. Kapravelos. Sound theatre with a psychodramatic touch. Between sound installation in natural environment and deep noise art. Sends shivers of dischords down your spine ...


FrankfurtVinyl (DE)
Nervous clicks'n cuts with the liability to melancholy and occasional escapes into the world of mayhem.


Moderne Klangkunst (DE)
Andreas Golisnki (Essen/Basel) und Spiro Kapravelos (Bochum/Athen) understand their work as an extension of their inner world. "direct, raw and unpolished, captured moments flow into our music: a mellow day in the park, the nature, texts that follow them, or emotional brainstorming at night. Movies in which one would love to live on, the beauty of the far east, but also hiss, noise, the fun of being loud, being catched in one's own repetition - and sometimes moving silence: "this results in downtempo tracks with a lot of lo-fi wrenching and high frequency sounds between collage and composition of purely electonic and acustic sound sources, sometimes inviting to day dream along“.